The motivation behind maxcoaching

Take three minutes to find out what maxcoaching is all about.

Let’s begin with an observation.
American Football in Europe is booming. We see new teams popping up on the scene almost every week.

What do most of these teams have in common?

#1 Enthusiasm and desire to play the game we all love. This is the key ingredient for a prosperous future. I must admit that the energy I have experienced with some of these newly established organizations has been eye-opening and refreshing. It’s unbelieveable how much passion players, coaches and supporters bring to the table for a sport they barely know yet.

#2 Lack of experience on how to properly coach and develope a football team. Talking about arguably the most complex sports in the world, paired with little to none education programs on “How to coach American Football” doesn’t make this task any easier. Leading around 40 individual players split into seven or more position groups, while teaching schemes and techniques as unique as Dennis Rodman’s hairstyles during th 90s. Sounds like a mission impossible, doesn’t it?

This is where maxcoaching comes into play

I founded maxcoaching to offer my experience and know-how to support motivated coaches and organizations on their way to the next level and eventually to the top. Together, we can boost your teams performance, while making life as a coach easier and more fun.

But why maxcoaching?

Since 2008 I have been coaching American Football in Europe successfully on every level. From Youth (U11-U19) to AFL (Austrian Football League) and from Austrian Junior Nationalteam to Men’s National Team. To check out my full career path go to my Bio.
Born and raised in Austria, I know what it takes to become an American Football Coach in Europe. I’ve spent the majority of the last 12 years in an office or on the field with some of the best coaches and players of our time. Throughout my career I have continuously developed winning offensive systems, optimized for European Amateur Football on all levels. Still not conviced? Check out my References.

I am driven by the will to contribute to a sustainable and competitive future for American Football outside of the US. This is only possible if the level of play improves drastically on all levels. We got the talent, we got the passion. Let’s make the most out of it and show the world what we’ve got. #straightouttaeurope